Board of Director Elections

The elected officers of FMA shall serve on the Board of Directors and shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Eastern Regional Director, Western Regional  Director, Technical Director and Webmaster.

The office of President, Treasurer, Western Regional Director and Technical Director shall be elected on even number years for a two year term. 

The office of Vice President, Secretary, Eastern Regional Director, Membership Chair, and Webmaster shall be elected on odd number years for a two year term.

When unopposed, candidates shall be deemed elected by acclamation and will assume office at the conclusion of the annual business meeting held at the Fleetwood National Rally.

The following persons were our nominees for the 2024-2026 election period.

President:  John Sorensen -Approved

Past President:  Bill Johnson  -Approved

Treasurer:  Marilyn Murphy -Approved

Western Regional Director: Jim Pyles -Approved

Technical Director: Anthony McCool -Approved

The following persons were our nominees for the 2023-2025 election period.

Vice President:  Bob Angus - Approved

Secretary:  Barbara Bise - Approved  

Eastern Regional Director:  Larry Hornsby - Approved

Membership Chair: Rene Vinditti - Approved

Website Director: Pete Baker - Approved

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